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Laser SLA 3D Printer

Bigger And More Complex Prints | Top-notch Printing Quality | Excellent Printing Speed

Bigger And More Complex Prints

Supporting print volumes of up to 120x120x150mm, SolidMaker is ideal for making 3D print pieces of medical equipment, architecture renditions, and a large collection of different items all in one go.

Top-notch Printing Quality

With 0.003/0.01mm XYZ accuracy and laser stereolithography technology, SolidMaker can eke out astonishing high-resolution 3D prints.

Excellent Printing Speed(Up to 320mm/s)

The printing speed of SolidMaker is faster than normal SLA 3d printers. Stunning creations can be made just in a jiffy.

Why Choose SolidMaker?

SolidMaker makes high quality SLA 3D printer downright affordable.

Printing Gallery

Pay Less & Print Better

Higher-resolution printing is highly expedient and should be affordable for everyone. SolidMaker offers the best price ever for SLA 3D printer.

3.5‘’ Touchscreen Enabling One-Click Printing

Compatibility with Third Party Resins

100mW Laser Power, 100μm Spot Size

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